BIO: Comprovisation 

JAZZAJ at the Transparent Sound Festival

JAN 20.   18:00


1052 Budapest, Petőfi u. 5

Experimental compositions and free improvisation with the Budapest Improvisers Orchestra

AJTAI Péter – bass
BALI János – flutes, electronics
BOLCSÓ Bálint – electronics
KERTÉSZ Endre – cello
KOVÁCS Gergely – percussions
KOVÁTS Gergő – saxophone
RUBIK Ernő Zoltán – piano, objects
Tijana STANKOVIC – violin
VÁCZI Dániel – glissonic

The band consists of nine members – composers, classical musicians playing contemporary music and players from the field of free jazz. Their concert involves pieces with varying amount of improvisation, experimenting with a wide spectrum of freedom in creative interpretation. Composing and improvising are two similar processes – it is only that in the latter there is no chance for corrections, for re-evaluation the ideas. Performing this way is almost like writing with a pen that cannot be lifted from the paper. How does the audience respond to his? Do we listen differently if we know that all the decisions are made right in front of our eyes? And what are the mechanisms of the open structured compositions of the 60s and 70s, where only the rules of the game give some pre-determined aid?

The band hopes that not only their music will be ‘experimental’ but that the audience will also feel, with their attention and presence, the need for experimentation and to be mindful about their own expectations towards music. The aim of this is to experience the liberating state of active, creative attention.