Situation / Dialogue

A concert by / Ensemble Schallfeld koncertje.
New Music from Graz

JAN 17.   19:00


1051 Budapest, Október 6 u. 7.

Anahita Abbasi: Situation/Dialoge (2016)
Hannes Kerschbaumer: pedra.debris (version 2015)
Andres Gutierrez Martinez: IO (2015) – 7 Min
Lorenzo Troiani: La fine è senza fine (2017)
Franck Bedrossian: IT (2007)

Conductor: Leonhard Garms
Fl: Elisa Azzarà
Cl: Szilàrd Benes
Sax: Matej Bunderla
Pn: Patrick Skrilecz
Vl: Lorenzo Derinni
Vc: Myriam Garcìa Fidalgo
Db: Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka

In the last few years of the Festival we have invited several ensembles from abroad, whose sound, style of performance or repertoire is influenced by the members’ mutual alma maters, or their aesthetic views (like the Ensemble Vortex, DieOrdungDerDinge, ARTéfacts Ensemble, Ensemble Pamplemousse). This year the Ensemble Schallfeld, which was founded in 2013, will perform at the festival. All of the musicians and composers of the ensemble studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts of Graz. Their repertoire – just as the program of their first Hungarian concert – focuses primarily on works of young composers. Pieces of composers within and around the ensemble will be played. The pieces and their performances are  characterised both by powerful, sometimes raw and noisy soundscape and the virtuoso instrumental playing of highly sophisticated chamber music.