Gamelan stream

Concert of the Centrifuga Contemporary Music Workshop

JAN 13.   18:30


1052 Budapest, Petőfi u. 5.

New music for gamelan band and electronic instruments

 The CentriFUGA Contemporary Music Workshop was founded in 2013 by Máté Balogh, Csanád Kedves and Péter Tornyai, with the help of Judit Rajk and FUGA. It aims to synthesize new Hungarian musical pursuits and their representations in different art forms. The CentriFUGA concerts take place quarterly in the FUGA Budapest Architecture Center, and they aim to present the current work of the founding members and other young composers as well.

Today, apart from the FUGA headquarters, other outside projects are organized too, making CentriFUGA an active and significant contemporary music group in Hungary. The workshop involves musicians as well – and just as with composers, CentriFUGA welcomes anyone who would like to immerse themselves in the fantastic world and nooks and corners of new music. We aim to include as many artists and young Hungarian composer, who are interested in contemporary music, as possible.

The In a gamelan stream concert, which takes places within the confines of the Transparent Sound Festival, has already had its first, experimental act with Csanád Kedves’ electroacoustic concert series (FModulations) in 2017. This has been on a hiatus because of the termination of its original location Művelődési Szint. Over the years the project became more mature, more intense, and the festival and CentriFUGA took over the lead, making the conceptual rethinking of contemporary music with Indonesian instruments a part of Hungarian music pieces. To make the unique sound even more colorful, electronics also take a significant part in the concert.


Péter TORNYAI: k.lang hommage (No. 1 – ang/ong/ung)*

Ákos ZARÁNDY : Pelog Klangspiel II*

Bálint BOLCSÓ: Föld és levegő*

Bálint LACZKÓ: új mű*

Andrea SZIGETVÁRI: In 634*

Csanád KEDVES: Rituálé*

Máté SZIGETI: Gyarmati idők*



János NEVELŐ, Kornél HENCZ, András  TÉRFY and the members of the  SURYA KENCANA A – gamelan percussions

Bálint BOLCSÓ, Andrea  SZIGETVÁRI – electronics