Marc Sabat – compositions in just intonation

Violin pieces in just intonation from Bach, through Morton Feldman to the present.

2 000 ft / 1 500 ft in advance (the first 100 tickets)

JAN 12.   19:00


1094 Budapest, Liliom u. 41.

Duo concert of Sara-Cubarsi Fernandez and Xenia Gogu

Contributors: Marc Sabat, Balázs Gergely, Tornyai Péter
Marc Sabat, the Canadian composer-violinist studied at the University of Toronto, at the Julliard School in New York and at the McGill University of Montréal. The focus of his professional career is just intonation. Together with Wolfgang von Schweinitz he has developed the Extended Helmholtz-Ellis JI Pitch Notation. He made all of the scores of his own pieces available on the Plainsound Music Edition website. He created several records as a violinist, and he usually performs pieces from the greatest contemporary American composers (James Tenney, Morton Feldman, Christian Wolff).

“As I’ve been interested in the history and practical usage of different types of tunings – especially just intonations – the work of Marc Sabat seemed crucial for me since the very beginning. First I met his compositions on a nice record entitled Les Duresses published by a small Berlin based label Care Of Editions. His music is completely physical and at the same time very sensitive and with full of emotions. The harmonies in just intonation are totally refreshing and a really new kind of experience to an ear got used to the sounds of equal temperament. On this special night Les Duresses and Sabat’s just intonation arrangements of Bach’s works will be presented, which is really special, because in the time of Bach the so called well-temperament was becoming adopted as an alternative to meantone temperament, which had been used on keyboard instruments since the renaissance. It was a kind of a step between just intonation and equal temperament.”

Bálint Szabó, curator of the event



‘Les Duresses’ – a book of music in Just Intonation (2004)

Intonation after Morton Feldman I
Intonation after Morton Feldman II
Two Commas
Duas Quintas

Sei Bach-Intonazioni per Violino Solo, IIa by Johann Sebastian Bach,
Intonation and 2nd voice composed by Marc Sabat (1720 / 2017)

Cucumber Serenades (2009)