1 200 ft.

 JAN 06. 19:00

Liszt Academy of Music / Solti Hall

1061 Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér 8.

From 17.00, an interactive introductory session will take place about the opening concert.

The experience of music is inseparable from the visuality of the performance and from all the non-musical moments that can happen on the stage. There have been several composers, especially in the last few decades, who focused not only on the order of sounds but also on the visuality of the performance. The continually growing and widening spectrum of the Transparent Sound New Music Festival’s programme offers every year exciting opportunities for the audience to not only hear but to see a composition visually as well.
It has become a tradition over the years that, although the festival itself takes place in various locations, the opening concert is always in the Solti Hall of the Liszt Academy. This time traditional music and instrumental theater will be the focus of the concert. The audience can encounter with masters of Chinese and Persian instruments and with Krisztina Megyeri’s musical theater play written for an actor, a vocalist and two musicians.

“The piece is a contemporary music-theater, a piece written for the stage where four people – a male singer, an actor, a percussionist playing Iranian instruments and a musician playing the Chinese mouth organ, the sheng -, act and communicate with each other throughout the play, as equal partners.
I composed the piece in 2003, in France, for the commission of the Fondation Royaumont. During the joint workshop that span over several time periods, we worked and thought together with the French director and video artist, Ludovic Nobileau, and with the two artists playing on the exotic instruments. We staged the play together, shaping it to suit the location and the performers, using the contemporary French poet, Antonia Taddei’s text, which is
partly based on word-play and also partly on gibberish. The first, 15 minute long version of the play was the product of the workshop. This was performed for the first time in November 2003, in Royaumont, not far from Paris, at the closing event of the contemporary music course.
The second, 20 minute long version was realized in April 2004, on the stage of the Lille Opera, where the tenor had another aria at the end of the play. I also wrote a Hungarian translation of the text. 14 years later, the time for the Hungarian premiere has come, with the direction of László Hudi.”

Krisztina Megyeri

Georges Aperghis: Le Corps á corps
Georges Aperghis: Ligne de fissure
KeeYong Chong: Jinxin HUA Hai
Wu Wei: Dragon Dance
traditional gagaku music

Megyeri Krisztina: Nousnoyons-nous (Le désir de s’enfuir ou celui d’arriver) – music-theater for an actor, a vocalist and two musicians
Françoise Rivalland (zarb, daff, cimbalom), Wu Wei (sheng)
Sztojanov Georgi (tenor), Laurent Winkler (actor)

Words: Antonia Taddei (excerpts from Me jejoier – pièce mâcher)
Director: Hudi László
Decor: Juhász András