electro-acoustic musical theater for children and families

1 000 ft.

JAN 12.   11:00

JAN 13.   11:00

Vakok Iskolája, Brávia Hall

1146 Budapest, Ajtósi Dürer sor 39.

In Neszmese we introduce each sound separately. In the country of fairies and elves, you can experience our noisy adventures and get to know the wonderful world of sounds. Listen with us!

The tale is shouted into existence by Erik Farkas, accompanied by live noisemusic of Andrea Szigetvári and Bálint Baráth. Formed into words by Éva Hutvágner.

The author of the Neszmese stories (Éva Hutvágner) aimed to present phenomena that relate well to the world of music and sounds, and that, with the help of the the characters (fairies, elves, bells), guide the listeners of Neszmese to well-known, mythical worlds.

The musicians play on interactive electronic instruments, while the actor-storyteller-narrator constantly communicates with the audience, involving them in the course of the play. The children can join in with their imagination using the means suitable for their age.

The most important participants in the performance are the members of the audience, who can experience the mysterious world of sounds with the help of music and noise, and understand their definitions. The electro-acoustic musical motifs generate intense images, enabling everyone to interpret the world of tales subjectively.