An evening with Zsófia Kemény (poetry) Edina Mókus Szirtes (violin) Ditta Rohman (cello).

JAN 10.   20:00

Fonó Budai Zeneház

1116 Budapest, Sztregova u. 3.

Subcultural unveiling.

The unexpected unravels.

The one that feels the thoughts, the other who thinks through feelings and a third one who feels through the thoughts.

Contemporary art and old-fashioned over-feeling.

The explicitness of presence to the point of impertinence.

Young, contemplative, emphatic… what is all this?

Three artists, from three seemingly different worlds, where the important thing is not the distance but finding each other.

Contemporary pieces together with slam poetry performances, accompanied by violin and cello. Concert filled with improvisation and with Edina Szirtes’ own compositions written for cello-violin, inspired by Ditta Rohmann.