Worte – Music – Metrum

1 500 ft.

JAN 8.   19:00


1146 Budapest, Dózsa György út 37.

Morton Feldman: Only (1947) Spring of Chosroes (1977)

Marcell Dargay: Worte und/and Music (2018 – world premiere)

Metrum Ensemble

The members of Qaartsiluni continue their work under with a different name but with the same ambition: Evolving elaborated soloistic work  e to orchestrate pieces originally written for a soloist into intense collaborative productions. Since their 2012 debut almost 40 world premieres, Hungarian premieres, innovative classical productions, festival performances and record and radio recordings were the main milestones of their work.

They performed their award-winning production of László Sáry’s opera Great Sound in the Rush, made in collaboration with Maladype Theater, 40 times, both in Hungary and abroad.

During the concert the audience, parallel with the ambitions of Metrum and with the ars poetica of Transparent Sound, can catch a glimpse of the hidden details of the performed pieces and of the rehearsal process as well.

„I was very happy that in the commission there was a strong reference to the artistic world of Morton Feldman. The title of the new piece – Worte und/and Music – refersnods to Feldman’s work, Samuel Beckett – Words and Music.

My composition has five movements, two of these has a which has solo vocal part parts. The two lyrics are originated in two artistic worlds far away from each other: texts come from two distant worlds – one is Wilhelm Müller’s The Sun Dogs from Schubert’s Winter Journey cycle; the other is the German version of László Kistamás’s four-line poemverse, written originally for the Hungarian band Kontroll Csoport, entitled Nehezen jöttél a világra…

The dense instrumental movements will contradict – or perhaps continue, clarify the vocal ones. The performance will take place within the inspiring exhibition space and installations of the Műcsarnok (Kunsthalle).”

/Marcell Dargay – composer/

Metrum Ensemble:

László Kéringer – vocals

Judit Rajk – vocals

Anna Rákóczy – flute

Szűcs Péter – clarinet

Lisa Romain – violin

Éva Farkas – viola

Balázs Kántor – cello

László Borbély – piano

Benedek Tóth – percussions

Lajos Rozmán – art director, conductor