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„As there is no music without gesture, the gesture would deserve a little more consideration, than what the musicians usually have for him.” Jean-Pierre Drouet

What is this strange reunion that we attend?


Meeting each others again is always a little clumsy. We recognize each other, but we still have changed. Misunderstandings, misapprehensions, surprises… In Abraz’Ouverts, there is a question of encounter and separation, which language and otherness make so delicate.

In the perspective of this eventual dilemma, Abraz’Ouverts examines these reunions, these balancing movements from one to the other, from the one against the other, at the pace of tensions that drive every duo: complicity, friendship, solidarity, but also disagreement, rivalry, incomprehension, jealousy, etc.

Two percussionists experience on stage these strange reunions, while playing the zarb, a Persian drum, in an unconventional way, just as the poet plays with language and words. While doing so they invite us to follow and understand their strange games.

In an unlikely parade, they cross and look at each other, meet and separate, call each other in an unfamiliar but familiar language, sing a chorus in unison and even start a few dance steps …

At the crossroads of contemporary music, musical theater, improvisation and Iranian rhythms, Abraz’Ouverts questions with humour and virtuosity the close links between music and gesture, sound and feeling, tradition and creation.



Supporter: Institut français de Budapest


  • Duo Braz Bazar
    • Jérémie Abt - percussions
    • Bastian Pfefferli - percussions


  • Jean-Pierre Drouet - music
  • Georges Aperghis - music