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Glass Bead Games

Gergely Fazekas’s Lecture

A discussion on contemporary music, art and literature

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Musicologist FAZEKAS Gergely and his guests talk about music, collaborative games, the community of various art forms and the game rules of our artistic community and traditions.

It is a defining feature of the history of Western music, literature and art that it is always heading somewhere, or rather that it is always heading forward. Conservative historical narratives usually tended to focus on artists who have revolutionized the language of their respective art forms, as the avant-garde actors of their time. By the end of the 20th century, the idea (or narrative) of continuous development seems to have lost its allure, as progression slowly eroded its wider audience. It has become a general phenomenon across art forms, that contemporary works appeal only to a small, connoisseurial target group, or (to use an expression from Hermann Hesse’s 1946 Nobel Prize winning utopian novel) they became glass bead games. Naturally, this statement is only true if, based on the conventional narrative, we limit our understanding of the term ‘contemporary’ to revolutionaries. The conversation between KOVÁCS Krisztina (art historian, director of the Várfok Gallery), BÁRÁNY Tibor (literary critic) and Fazekas Gergely (music historian) will cover the following questions: what can we call ‘contemporary’? What does ‘new’ mean in the case of music (or novels, or paintings?). Is the history of art still heading somewhere, or has it already ended, just as so many people in the post-Hegelian age have predicted?




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  • Krisztina Kovács - art historian, director of the Várfok Gallery
  • Tibor Bárány - literary critic
  • Gergely Fazekas - music historian