Zugligeti út 64, Budapest 1121
1900 Ft

Horse Panic

Tornyai Péter és Balogh Máté zenés-színházi estje

Péter Tornyai’s experiment entitled RONDeau is an inverted round dance, where the spatial movement and circulation of sounds is created through the beats of three drummers. The title refers to this round dance and the musical form of states returning again and again. However, this path is not so much circular as it is spiral-like. Drumming and pulsation can create physiological, spiritual, cosmic, and ritual associations, the composed transformations of rhythm, the “creases of the time” of the process keep the participants’ perception of time and space in constant change.
Máté Balogh’s new work entitled Horse Panic was composed for reciter and 5 wood-blocks and can be regarded as a musical illustration of Edina Szvoren’s short story entitled the same.

Supported by the National Cultural Fund.


Kép forrása/Photo: Fortepan Nr. 263911, 1913


  • Péter Tornyai: RONDeau
  • Máté Balogh: Horse Panic


  • Niké Kurta - prose
  • Tamás Schlanger - percussion
  • János Nevelő - percussion
  • Dániel Janca - percussion