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songs from a new world

Charles Ives (1874-1954) is one of the most renowned American modernist composers. During his lifetime, his works were not widely recognized or performed; it was only in his later years that he gained posthumous acclaim. He blended the popular American tunes of his time with the church music that defined his youth, combining them with European classical music. Among the pioneers of systematic experimentation in music, Ives introduced technical innovations such as polytonality, polyrhythm, aleatoric elements, and the use of quartertones, foreshadowing the musical innovations of the 20th century decades earlier.
His repertoire includes a particularly rich and diverse collection of songs encompassing hundreds of works. These songs often function as “miniature operas,” where the singer assumes the roles of multiple characters, unfolding complete stories within the framework of a few-minute song.
In 2024, the 150th anniversary of Ives’ birth and the 70th anniversary of his death will be commemorated. To mark this occasion, an unconventional Ives song recital is organized, featuring interpretations by classical, folk, jazz, and pop singers. Given that Ives’ music incorporates the melodic worlds of spirituals and the influences of both European and American folk music, it naturally seemed intriguing to listen to these songs performed by singers from various musical genres.
For this special event, we have enlisted Réka Annus and Ágnes Herczku as folk singers, Veronika Harcsa and Rozina Pátkai as jazz singers, and Mariann Falusi and Juci Németh as pop singers. As a special feature, opera singer Kriszta Kinga will perform a transcription of an Ives song by Dániel Dinyés. Before and during the concert, the curators will share their thoughts on the songs and discuss Ives’ work, even Balázs Horváth will join in singing for one piece. The accompaniment for the songs will be provided by composers Marcell Dargay and Dániel Dinyés.
1. Réka Annus:
– Like a sick Eagle 
– Immortality 
– The children’s hour 
– He is there 
accompanied on piano: Marcell Dargay


2. Juci Németh:
– Far from my heaven’ly home 
– Evening
– Slugging a vampire
– At the river
accompanied on piano: Dániel Dinyés
3. Balázs Horváth:
– Thoreau
accompanied on piano:  Marcell Dargay
4. Veronika Harcsa:
– Things our fathers loved
– Majority 
accompanied on piano: Dinyés Dániel
5.Ágnes Herczku:
– The houseatonic at Stockbridge 
– Old home day 
accompanied on piano: Marcell Dargay
6.Kinga Kriszta:
– Vita
– Dániel Dinyés&: Vita (változat egy Ives dalra)
accompanied on piano: Dániel Dinyés
7. Rozina Pátkai:
– Memories 
– Charlie Rutlage  
accompanied on piano: Marcell Dargay
8. Mariann Falusi:
– South wind 
– Down east 
– In summer field 
accompanied on piano: Dániel Dinyés
All performers together:
– His exaltation


Supported by the National Cultural Fund.





  • Mariann Falusi - voice
  • Réka Annus - voice
  • Veronika Harcsa - voice
  • Ágnes Herczku - voice
  • Kinga Kriszta - voice
  • Juci Németh - voice
  • Rozina Pátkai - voice
  • Balázs Horváth - voice
  • Dániel Dinyés - piano
  • Marcell Dargay - piano