House of Music Hungary - Lecture hall
2500 HUF

Kolloid and the Electro Sonic Dreams – Mikołaj Rytowski (POL), Robin Michel (SUI)

On the Percussion Day of the Transparent Sound Festival, in addition to emerging young Hungarian percussionists, foreign performers will also arrive at the House of Music, Hungary. The aim of the event is both to maintain the Hungarian percussion tradition and to present progressive trends that are less known in Hungary.


The event’s “night” concert will feature a dreamlike creation. Founded by Polish-born percussionist Mikołaj Rytowski and Swiss media designer Robin Michel, this Basel-based duo will enrich the programme with an audiovisual concert experience. The show brings together three artistic disciplines: percussive improvisation and the massive sound of live electronics form the basis for a live video presentation. The three media are closely intertwined, their relationship characterised by constant interaction and role reversal. Sounds, noise patterns and highly rhythmic motifs are transformed live by video software into psychedelic visuals to which the musicians respond, providing another source of inspiration for the software. This roughly 45-minute-long performance transports its audience into an imaginary world of sound and image created by the close collaboration of two musicians.

Mikołaj Rytowski is a creative instrumentalist and performer whose formal training is based on percussion. However, his activity differs from the traditional interpretation of percussion instruments, he deals with instruments innovatively, organically building his instrumental practice around his ideas. Robin Michel is interested in developing computer programs and interfaces for musical purposes, as well as improvisational and generative music. Michel is a member of various orchestral formations and musical projects, and works as a freelancer on musical accompaniment for short films, sound mixing, as well as technical development and sound design for various art projects and exhibitions.


Supported by the House of Music Hungary and the National Cultural Fund.




  • Mikołaj Rytowski - percussion
  • Robin Michel - electronics


Photo: Balázs Mohai