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MAO – Art Of Virus

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During the spring Covid-19 quarantine, Kornél Fekete-Kovács had the idea of starting a unique musical experiment through an online international chain game. The aim was to model the spread of the virus in the language of music. First, he ’infected’ ten composers with nine fixed melodies (with cantus firmus). Their task was to create short compositions using these nine sounds and add nine new ones at the end. Finally, they each had to infect two other composers.


The exponentially spreading piece has so far traveled to 42 countries on five continents since its initial departure (1 May 2020), but the composing activity is still ongoing today. At this moment, someone, somewhere is working on it. It seems that, similarly to the Covid-19 virus, it is also hard to stop this musical proliferation.


Art of Virus was created in cooperation of Modern Art Orchestra and the Phonic Chat multidimensional social music platform. The Internet serves as a home for this musical piece, and the audience could listen to it through regular live shows during the summer. Following this tradition, the Transparent Sound Festival will present an unorthodox Art of Virus summary program.
Kornél Fekete-Kovács, János Ávéd and Judit Varga will discuss the project, while thematically compiled compositional chains will interrupt the verbal segments. Most of the music will be performed by the Modern Art Orchestra, but listeners can also encounter electronic music, composition written for solo pipigvana and multidisciplinary video. After the show, the festival’s audience can meet the creators via a live Zoom discussion, and they can ask them about their experience.


Open Art of Virus homepage on PhonicChat in a new tab

YouTube Channel of the Project



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  • Péter Eötvös: #1 MAO-ZOO
  • Samu Gryllus: #1.2 An outbreak of a break out
  • Lotta Wennäkoski: #1.2.1 Sarana
  • Minna Leinonen: # No man is an island
  • Sanna Ahvenjärvi: # Mental proximity
  • Vajda Gregory Gergely: #1.1 Murder at the ZOO
  • Rozalie Hirs: # TAO OF MAO
  • János Ávéd: #8
  • Bálint Bolcsó: #8.1
  • Dániel Dinyés: #8.1.1
  • Ernő Zoltán Rubik: #8.1.2
  • Dániel Váczi: #
  • Etienne Rolin: #
  • Philippe Laval: # Let us breathe / Laissez nous respirer
  • Máté Pozsár: #8.2
  • Gergő Kováts: #8.2.1
  • Mátyás Wettl: #
  • Cinzia Nistico: #
  • #
  • Kristóf Bacsó: #7
  • Balázs Horváth: #7.1
  • Judit Varga: #1.1.1 BUSTED – the Dance After the Hammer
  • Christian Mühlbacher: # Hommage a Leonardo da Virus: With a Little Smile (auf mei Art)
  • RikaC (Erika E. Chun): # HAPP-IRUS (Hoping for a laughing pandemic)
  • Fenyvesi Márton: #
  • András Dés: #
  • Linda Bouchard: #
  • Hernán Giorcelli: # art of virus – zoom into virus
  • Barbara Croall: # BZINDAN (LISTEN)
  • Veronika Krausas: # the tree is alive and singing for you…
  • Joyce Beetuan Koh: #
  • György Kurtág jr: #1.1.2
  • György Kurtag sr: #


  • Modern Art Orchestra


  • Judit Varga
  • Kornél Fekete-Kovács
  • Ávéd János