concert and exhibition
1094 Budapest IX, Angyal utca 32

Peter Ablinger: Krisenzyklus

Kiállítás, vetítés és élő performansz

Peter Ablinger in Budapest – Exhibition and concert


The exhibition is open during the whole festival:



Peter Ablinger has found a gap in the landscape of contemporary music, which he has filled with his work ever since. His music creates conditions under which listening can observe itself. The object of listening, i.e. the sound produced does not claim an aesthetic intrinsic value, but fulfils its function with regard to the listening process and it is often not the sound itself, but rather its silencing that attracts the listener’s attention. Accordingly, Ablinger often uses everyday and disturbing noises, such as traffic noise, white noise or electronic distortions, often in combination with instrumental sounds.


In 2021, BALKON Hungarian art magazine published an in-depth interview with Peter Ablinger, entitled ‘The new that has always been there’ conducted by the curator of the event, Nikolaus Gerszewski.


The pieces performed were selected in collaboration with the composer.


CO2-Countdown (2022) (projektion, online)
Piano and Everything (2015), 4′ (piano and monotape)
Golden Grate (2020), 4′ (video with sound)
Bisecting Time (1997/99), 8′ (organ)
Zweites Streichquartett (2009/13), 4′ (video without sound)
Radio Speech (2022), 2′ (speech and radio)






  • Peter Ablinger: CO2-Countdown (2022)
  • Peter Ablinger: Piano and Everything (2015)
  • Peter Ablinger: Golden Grate (2020)
  • Peter Ablinger: Bisecting Time (1997/1999)
  • Peter Ablinger: Zweites Streichquartett (1997/1999)
  • Peter Ablinger: Radio Speech (2022)


  • Nikolaus Gerszewski


  • Peter Ablinger
  • Nikolaus Gerszewski