2000 Ft - 2400 Ft


"In Freundschaft" with Kinga Tóth

Event of Metrum Ensemble’s and Kinga Tóth (Sound)poet-illustrator, writer, translator, performer

The creations of the poet born in three different languages get context with three emblematic composers representing English, German and Hungarian. 

Poetry appearing as sound and imagination of the performers weave into a special discussion of this occasion. The file of thoughts offered by the three compositions become improvised free music joining with drum and electronics. 

All these making a further dialogue with films and photos of Kinga Tóth’s recent installations.  


„our laughter has just enough vowels 

and consonants in our sneezes and 

the language moves and lives and uses our body parts 

together we sigh out the new language”

Photo: Levente Vígh


  • Jonathan Harvey: Ricercar Una Melodia
  • Karlheinz Stockhausen: In Freundschaft
  • Ádám Kondor: Positions


  • Metrum Ensemble
    • Anna Rákóczy - flute
    • Zoltán Mizsei - voice
    • Attila Gyárfás - percussion
    • Bálint Bolcsó - electronics
    • Lajos Rozmán - clarinet, art director