Eötvös 10
Budapest, Eötvös u. 10, 1067
2000 Ft

The Bird of our Happiness

The struggle to seek and find happiness is one of humanity’s bigest issues. One of the initial elements of the production is the Tibetan folk tale The Bird of Happiness and its contemporary, modern-day interpretations, its meanings and attempts at a better understanding. Unhappiness, struggle, the bird of happiness – what do all these mean to us today? Can we learn anything nowadays from an ancient experience?

Director: Róbert Markó, Domokos Kovács
Composition, instruments, electronics by Orsolya Kaincz and Samu Gryllus
Costume, visuals: students of MOME Design Institute Department of Textile Design Costume Specialization MA1 under the supervision of Edit Szűcs, assistant professor, costume designer
Texts by Balázs Szálinger
Performers: Csongor Berta, Yvette Feuer
Production of the Láthatáron Group and Eötvös 10


Photo: Márton Fejes