1094 Budapest IX, Angyal utca 32

“These were child works …”

Exhibition opening, lecture and concert

János Baksa Soós, born 1948 in Budapest, emigrated to Germany in 1971, where he lived and worked until his death in 2021.The extremely rich artistic and musical legacy he created during this time period it is still being explored.
Prince January (János Baksa Soós) always said goodbye to his past.
Even in this exhibition we can see such a retrospect: one is looking back, from the late 70s, at the former self; including the period as lead singer of the hungarian underground pop-group “Kex”.

“Of course we arrive with a completed result,
which is a take-off speed, up to a certain age.
Then the work’s pursuing results follow,
after re-understanding the old ones. ”

excerpt from the Prince January 1983 Berlin Logbook

Art historian Réka Majsai and artist Balázs Beöthy will open the exhibition. This will be followed by musical performances, by Janos Vetö, Janos Bujdoso, and ensemble FOCC.

The event is supported by Cseh Tamás Archivum and Goethe Intezet Budapest.

Participants must be fully vaccinated or produce a negative Covid testresult.