Budapest, Petőfi Sándor u. 5, 1052


3-26 February 2023

On exhibit for the 7th time, the selection includes new works by Hungarian textile artists, as well as the works of Hungarian-Dutch Ilona Lénárd.

Éva Adorján, Réka Csíkszentmihályi, Viola Balázs, Bettina Bognár, Angéla Fanni Györfi, Evelin Horváth, Márta Kanics, Dorottya Katona, Ágnes Kollár, Daniella Koós, Gabi Lőrincz V, Viktória Molnár, Gábor Munkácsi, Emília Pájer, Anna Regős, Andrea Ruttka, Szilvia Szigeti, Fanni Tóth, Berta Ujváry, Szilvia Vereczkey, Márta Vető, Gwendolin Zimonyi

Guest exhibitor: Ilona Lénárd (NL-HU)

Launched in 2015 based on the idea of Ferenczy Noémi Award laureate textile artist Szilvia Szigeti, the most important goal of TEXHIBITION is to draw attention to the former leading role of the textile industry, to the designers active in the field, and to the creative possibilities of the genre.
As is tradition, part of the current novelties were first showcased this autumn at the Design Without Borders exhibition in the Church Hall of the Kiscelli Museum.
The initiative also strives to stimulate dialogue between generations, as 4-5 young textile artists are invited each year besides the already defining names in the trade.
This year features the works of 25 creators including textiles designed with set technologies and one-off creations.
Each year TEXHIBITION invites creators from abroad too. This year features the creations of Hungarian-Dutch visual artist Ilona Lénárd which were made at the Textielmuseum in Tilburg based on digitized versions of her abstract acrylic paintings called Omniverse.
In the spirit of all-arts, the project closely cooperates with the Transparent Sound New Music Festival, the Hermina Creative Group and classical musicians for the third time this year. – The latter have played
concerts with great success as part of the Design Without Borders exhibition at the Kiscelli Museum. – This time, the textiles exhibited in the spaces of FUGA will provide the backdrop for the classical mini-concert set to take place at the opening, where Balázs Dolfin (cello) and Róza Radnóti (piano) will perform the 4th movement of Shostakovich’s Sonata for Cello and Piano in D Minor, Op. 40. Ahead of this, the Transparent Sound New Music Festival’s ”BIO feat. Murayama x TËRÏDÖ -Mozdulat kották” will be performed in the exhibition space of the TEXHIBITION on 2 February at 19:30.


Exhibition opening:
3 February 2023 (Friday) at 18:00
The exhibition will be opened by professor and architect Kas Oosterhuis.
The opening will be filmed, and will be viewable on the FUGA Budapest Center Of Architecture
YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/fugabudapest


Guided tour with the exhibiting artists: 16 February (Thursday) 17:00-19:00
The exhibition is part of the Design Without Borders exhibition and event series, with joint communication and programmes with the Transparent Sound New Music Festival, in ollaboration with the FUGA Budapest Center Of Architecture, and is supported by the Hungarian National Cultural Fund.