House of Music Hungary - Lecture hall
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The musical anthropology of imagination - a vocal workshop on contemporary music

The theme of this vocal masterclass is the expression of particular musical traditions in community compositions. The sessions will be led by Gabriel Dharmoo, a Canadian composer, award-winning composer and researcher who completed his doctoral studies at Concordia University in Montreal. Dharmoo is both a specialist in community vocal music-making and also a distinguished professional performer. This workshop at the House of Music Hungary is open to anyone who loves singing, or has experience of music or singing, current or former music students who are open-minded about music, you don’t necessarily have to be a professional singer. During the masterclass, a variety of creative exercises will guide participants through the exploration of individual creativity, the use of different vocal techniques and the practice of collaborative music-making.

Participation in this workshop and the subsequent concert could be a defining experience for professional and amateur singers alike.


  • Gabriel Dharmoo
  • Balázs Horváth