Transparent Sound New Music Festival

09.19 Sunday
Örkény Studio
Le Grand Cahier
09.21 Tuesday
Institut français de Budapest
Die Hochstapler (Tricksters) Improvisation Workshop
JAZZAJ at Transparant Sound
09.23 Thursday
Institut français de Budapest
Die Hochstapler / BIO – Open Form #2
JAZZAJ at Transparent Sound
10.05 Tuesday
OktoLudium by Bálint Baráth
An eight-channel sound installation in the hall of the third floor of the Ludwig Museum.
10.16 Saturday
Liszt Academy / Solti Hall
Here and Now – László Vidovszky Retrospective 2
10.17 Sunday
Bem Mozi
Transparent Sound Film Club – Psyché I-III (1980)
The three-part director's cut, with an introductory presentation by Marcell Dargay
10.20 Wednesday
10.21 Thursday
10.22 Friday
BMC Library
Wortlaute II.
11.28 Sunday