Transparent Sound New Music Festival

01.08 Friday
Live LISZT ACADEMY streaming
László Vidovszky retrospective recital I.
Festival opening concert
01.09 Saturday
Online TRAFÓ event and Zoom lecture and discussion
Ressi/Benes: game_over
e-Trafó special edition
01.10 Sunday
Online FUGA event
Next Generation Vol 2 / Ensemble Z
01.11 Monday
Online FONÓ event
Budapest Improvisers Orchestra: Open Form #1
Transparent Sound and JazzaJ presents
01.12 Tuesday
Zoom discussion
Glass Bead Games
Gergely Fazekas’s lecture
01.13 Wednesday
Online BMC event
Wortlaute I.
Works of Zoltán Jeney, Christoph Herndler, Nava Hemyari and Nikolaus Gerszewski
01.14 Thursday
Online screening and Zoom talk
MAO – Art Of Virus
01.15 Friday
Live MÜPA streaming
Schubert & Co.
Concert of the MIKAMO Central European Chamber Orchestra
01.16 Saturday
Live BMC streaming
UMZE – Let Me Introduce You Pierrot
UMZE Ensemble
01.17 Sunday
Online workshop
Kiskomp by Soharóza at Transparent Sound Festival
Online workshop
Online FUGA event
CentriFUGA feat. Szűcs Dóra Ida