Transparent Sound New Music Festival

01.08 Friday
Live LISZT ACADEMY streaming
László Vidovszky retrospective recital I.
Festival opening concert
01.09 Saturday
Online TRAFÓ event and Zoom lecture and discussion
Ressi/Benes: game_over
e-Trafó special edition
01.10 Sunday
Online FUGA event
Next Generation Vol 2 / Ensemble Z
01.11 Monday
Online FONÓ event
Budapest Improvisers Orchestra: Open Form #1
Transparent Sound and JazzaJ presents
01.13 Wednesday
Online BMC event
Wortlaute I.
Works of Zoltán Jeney, Christoph Herndler, Nava Hemyari and Nikolaus Gerszewski
01.15 Friday
Live MÜPA streaming
Schubert & Co.
Concert of the MIKAMO Central European Chamber Orchestra
01.16 Saturday
Live BMC streaming
UMZE – Let Me Introduce You Pierrot
UMZE Ensemble
01.17 Sunday
Online FUGA event
CentriFUGA feat. Szűcs Dóra Ida