Passage to Risk

2020. január 11. 19:00

Trafó Kortárs Művészetek Háza

1094 Budapest, Liliom utca 41.

“Passage to Risk” is the title of the 85-year-old Parisian Vinko Globokar’s composition, written for the musicians and performers of Studio Dan. The composer is familiar with the ensemble’s unique musical language, which is a mixture of performance art, instrumental theater, jazz, rock and free improvisation. The risk of experimentation empowers the musicians, who are already accustomed to the art of traditional musical interpretation, and opens new artistic paths for them.

The other compositions of the evening’s programme are also true to this mentality. The concerto by Oxana Omelchuk was written for two trombones, and offers two precisely defined paths for soloists, but at the same time the possibility of free choice as well.

The master of the American avante-garde jazz scene, Anthony Braxton created a unique language-music system, where the sheet includes unique graphic signs at some points. During these parts of the performance, musicians are encouraged to step away from the written material and to cooperate with the composer in the creation of the composition.

Maja Osojnik’s piece requires six musicians and three contributors, who are able to modify the composition with various instruction, thus providing passage into the territory of risks.


A Studio Dan, amelyet 2005-ben Daniel Riegler hozott létre az első bécsi JazzWerkstatt fesztiválra, eredetileg nagyobb zenekarként jött világra, de azóta flexibilis újzenei csoportosulássá nőtte ki magát. Zenei világuk a kortárs zene változatos alműfajainak határain mozog – találunk benne improvizációt, újzenét, jazzt, art rockot és sok minden mást is. A zenekar rendszeresen fellép a bécsi Porgy&Bess klubban, valamint külföldön is turnézik, olyan fesztiválokon mint a Wien Modern, a zürichi Tage für Neue Musik, a grazi musikprotokoll, a berlini Jazzfestival éa a Zappanale Bad Doberanban. Koncerteztek már a hamburgi Kampnagelben, a kölni Stadtgartenben, a philadelphiai Kimmel Centerben és a legendás brooklyni Roulette-ben is.

Founded by Daniel Riegler in 2005 for the inaugural JazzWerkstatt Wien festival, Studio Dan entered into existence as big band, but has since grown into flexible new music ensemble. The group operates on the borders between diverse subgenres of contemporary music: improvisation, new music, jazz, and art rock, and others. The ensemble performs regularly at Vienna´s Porgy & Bess and tours internationally. Appearances include concerts at the festivals Wien Modern, Tage für Neue Musik Zurich, musikprotokoll Graz, Jazzfestival Berlin, Zappanale in Bad Doberan, and venues such as Kampnagel Hamburg, Stadtgarten Cologne, Kimmel Center Philadelphia and the legendary Roulette in Brooklyn/NYC.


Anthony BRAXTON (*1945) – Composition Nr. 228

Vinko GLOBOKAR (*1934) – Passaggio Verso Il Rischio


Maja OSOJNIK (*1976) – WARD

Oxana OMELCHUK (*1975) – Wow and Flutter



Sophia Goidinger-Koch – violin
Maiken Beer – cello
Philipp Kienberger – double bass
Thomas Frey – flutes
Clemens Salesny – sax, clarinet
Dominik Fuss – trumpet
Daniel Riegler – trombone
Michael Tiefenbacher – piano, keys
Mathias Koch – percussions
Werner Angerer – sound
Nina Ortner – stage and light
Matthias Muche – solo trombone



Festival Program