Indoor Jogging

Indoor Jogging is a collaboration between percussionist/improvisor/composer Germaine Liu,  and artist/musician/composer/dramaturg Christoper Willes. The team (based in Toronto, CA) presents seven fluid text & audio scores. The scores provide an inner tour of listening, without ever saying as much. Here is a selection from the text, provided as a reflection at the end of the piece.


“A sound is a movement in the atmosphere; a wave that pushes and pulls air molecules as it moves through space. As sounds travel, they permeate, are absorbed, leak around and reflect off of objects and materials of all kinds. Sounds trace the spaces between things.”


At the entrance of the game we encounter a 3D installation with many objects. Drag and move them to listen to their sounds. The next step is to listen and experience the sounds and objects around you with the help of the audio scores.


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Bouncing Music

An elegant physics-based musical game and composition tool by Chinese creative developer, Wenzy.