Hermina Alkotócsoport: Relative Space

God only knows where this will go… In the foreground we see a playground with a miniature train, an acoustic camera, and a hand sanitizer. In the middle there is a cage, in which something might be switched on and played with – if anyone chooses to build it. A separate battlefield for the frenzy. Self-reflective images of the space in the form of photograms.

Let’s play something!

Let’s play something! Collective games. Sonic games. Silence games. With gameplay rules. Playful game rules. Games without rules and games with rules that can be played with. Radio plays. Visual games. Game classics. Classical music games. Game music. Gamemasters. Game rounds. Playgrounds, us, them, everyone, together. Are you game?



Graphic Score

The graphic scores of invited contemporary composers and artists in this exhibition seem to be closer to graphics than to sheet music – and to fine art as to music.

02.12 18:00
MAMŰ Gallery

55/66 To the Memory of James Joyce

Metrum Ensemble performs four chamber music pieces by Gyula Csapó.
Artistic director of the evening: Lajos Rozmán

03.18 19:30
CEU - Oktober Hall online event


Sound_Tracks is a (soon-to-be-released!) interactive encyclopedia of music, created by Berlin-based ensemble, DieOrdnungDerDinge.

Indoor Jogging

An interactive listening and sound-making experience by Germaine Liu and Christopher Willes of Toronto, Canada.


Schubert & Co.

During the 150 years from Franz to Alexander Schubert, the idea of singing has radically changed; Franz wrote songs for singers, and Alexader works with artificial intelligence to produce singing lines.

01.15 19:30
Live MÜPA streaming

UMZE – Let Me Introduce You Pierrot

The text of Arnold Schoenberg’s 1912 classic, Pierrot lunaire, could have been penned by contemporary Hungarian poet Lajos Parti Nagy – and now at the request of the UMZE Ensemble, he has written just that.

01.16 19:30
Live BMC streaming

Budapest Improvisers Orchestra: Open Form #1

The Budapest Improvisers Orchestra (BIO) was formed based on a similar collaborative network. The ensemble of nine, called together by the initiative of Ernő Zoltán Rubik and Péter Ajtai in 2016, performs open-form works and free improvisations.

01.11 19:00
Online FONÓ event


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Supporters and partners:
Ministry of Human Capacities Grant Management, Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung, Goethe Institute, Filharmónia Magyarország, Hochschule für Musik und Theater München, Institut für Neue Musik – Hochschule für Musik Freiburg, Instituto Cervantes, Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien, National Cultural Fund, Istituto Italiano di Culture, Austrian Cultural Forum, Pro Helvetia Schweizer Kulturstiftung, Papageno

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Advisory board:
János Bali, András Csonka, Ádám Darázs, Gergely Fazekas, Judit Gaál, Balázs Horváth, Márton Illés, Orsolya Kaincz, András Kégl, Ernő Rubik, György Szabó, Judit Varga
Zsuzsanna Szálka (festival director), Samu Gryllus (artistic director), Gergely Fazekas, Enikő Nagy, Anna Novotny, Anna Tóth (communication), Gergely Nagy (graphic design), Orsolya Kaincz, Károly Füzessi (website), Fruzsina Feigl, Katalin György-Dóczy (event organizer), Gábor Valuska (photo, stream)