The surrounding novelty breaches the hull of the ship: at such times, art connoisseurs attempt to draw conclusions from the forms of openings—often fortuitous ones. However, these openings do not actually represent the Novelty itself; rather, they merely indicate the holes through which its pressure struck. It has not yet assumed its final form, merely pointing to those points where it broke through—the demand for Manifestation itself. – Miklós Erdély



Charles Ives (1874-1954) is one of the most renowned American modernist composers. During his lifetime, his works were not widely recognized or performed; it was only in his later years that he gained posthumous acclaim.
01.25 19:00
Három Holló

2+2: Buffa / Matuz

This evening will reveal Diana and Ivan Buffa's musical community, the mindset of the generation with whom they are associated. In addition to the couple, the flute virtuoso father and son, István and Gergely Matuz, join them to perform the compositions.
02.02 19:00
Nádor Hall

Sheet Music Collection

The scores of the works performed at the festival can be study in our reading corner at the BMC library.
01.09 11:00
BMC Library


This year, the festival's film club programme includes a new pre-release screening of a new work by two iconic American artists Godfrey Reggio and Philipp Glass.
01.22 18:00
BMC Library

SOLD OUT // Elegy

The Film Club of the Transparent Sound New Music Festival pays tribute to Zsolt Durkó (1934-1997), who was born 90 years ago.
01.15 18:00
BMC Library

NeoQuartet – Black Angels/Czarne Anioły

"We are passionate about art and contemporary music. We love to create, play concerts, think outside the box, challenge existing dogmas." – NEOQuartet
01.28 18:00
Fonó Budai Zeneház

Horse Panic

Péter Tornyai's experiment entitled RONDeau is an inverted round dance, where the spatial movement and circulation of sounds is created through the beats of three drummers. Máté Balogh's new work entitled Horse Panic was composed for reciter and 5 wood-blocks and can be regarded as a musical illustration of Edina Szvoren's short story entitled the same.
01.18 19:00


At the opening concert of Percussion Day, Dániel Janca will introduce us to his latest compositions for percussion instruments.
01.14 16:00
House of Music Hungary - Lecture hall